Social Collateral

The poorest do not have physical assets that can be used as security or collateral.


Cash less Operation

Cash Less Operation reduces risk while very little cash is floating around.


Customized Products

Purvanchal has designed loans with small repayments to prevent emergency distress sales.


Focus on Women

Purvanchal works exclusively with women because they are the most marginalized amongest the poor.

Our Services

We provide loans to individual as well as group members in the under developed regions of India for a range of income-generating activities. Purvanchal serves thousands of poor people across villages and urban slums in India. By providing the poors with wide range of economic tools, we are looking forward to the eradication of poverty.

In the initial growth period, Purvanchal only offers one basic loan product, which is strictly restricted to...

Utility products are provided to existing JLG & IL clients at affordable prices..


Purvanchal Finance provides Individual Loan lending for individuals...

Purvanchal Finance provides Group Loan lending for group...

The services is amazing LOAN SERVICES

Loan is repayable by weekly, fornightly & monthly installments at the choice of the borrower.

our Vision & Mission